Women's Self-Defense

Women's Self-Defense With Revolution

Women's Self Defense Instructors at Revolution practicing self defense techniques with women students

Our Women’s Self-Defense Classes empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to protect yourself in any situation. Boost your self-confidence as you develop the ability to stay safe and secure. All members receive a key tag that gives you 24/7 access to the facility to workout at your convenience. Explore a safe and welcoming gym environment.

Our latest women’s-only program offers both self-defense and kickboxing classes. Experience the ultimate empowerment journey with our Kickboxing Class. After a cardio workout, take your skills to the next level with our Self-Defense Class where you’ll learn life-saving techniques for real-world situations.

Wrist Lock

Headlock Defense

Body Lock over the Arms from Behind

Revolution Move of the Week Self Defense Wrist Escapes

Grab the Hair Defense

Monday Class Schedule
BJJ 6:00-7:00am with Coach Matt
Kids BJJ (Ages 5-8) 4:15-4:45pm with Coach Matt
Kids BJJ (Ages 9-14) 4:45-5:30pm with Coach Matt
BJJ 5:30-7:00pm with Coach Todd
Muay Thai 7:00-8:00pm with Coach Todd
Tuesday Class Schedule
BJJ 11:00am-12:00pm with Coach Todd
MMA/No-Gi grappling 5:00-6:00pm with Coach Todd
Boxing 6:00-7:00pm with Coach Pedro
BJJ Beginners 7:00-8:00pm with Coach Ricky
Wednesday Class Schedule
BJJ No-Gi Grappling 6:00-7:00am with Coach Matt
Kids BJJ (Ages 5-8) 4:15-4:45pm with Coach Matt
Kids BJJ (Ages 9-14) 4:45-5:30pm with Coach Matt
BJJ Fundamentals 5:30-6:00pm with Coach Ricky
BJJ 6:00-7:00pm with Coach Todd
Muay Thai Sparring 7:00-8:00pm with Coach Todd
Thursday Class Schedule
BJJ 11:00am-12:00pm with Coach Todd
Kids Muay Thai (All Ages) 4:45-5:30pm with Coach Bilal
Muay Thai 5:30-6:30pm with Coach Nick
BJJ Beginners 6:30-7:30pm with Coach Hero
Friday Class Schedule
MMA/No-Gi grappling 5:00-6:00pm with Coach Todd
Open Mat BJJ and Sparring All Day
Saturday Class Schedule
Kids Self-Defense 10:00-10:45am with Coach Matt
Open Mat All Day
Sunday Class Schedule
Sparring/No-Gi Grappling 10:00am-12:00pm with Coaches Todd & Matt
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Benefits of Self-Defense

Physical Fitness

Self-defense classes provide an excellent workout, improving strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health while helping individuals stay in shape.

Personal Safety

Self-defense classes teach practical techniques and strategies that empower individuals to protect themselves in various situations, enhancing personal safety and reducing vulnerability.

Mental Resilience

Self-defense training instills mental toughness, helping individuals stay composed and think clearly in high-stress situations, both within and outside of self-defense contexts.


Gaining self-defense skills boosts confidence, as individuals feel more capable and secure in their ability to handle potential threats or dangerous encounters.


Self-defense classes can be empowering, as they offer individuals a sense of control and the ability to protect themselves, ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.

Ask Us About Self-Defense

This program is a comprehensive offering designed specifically for women, combining effective self-defense techniques with the dynamic elements of kickboxing to enhance physical fitness and personal safety.

Absolutely. The program is structured to cater to all skill levels, including beginners. Our instructors provide a supportive environment for women to learn and develop at their own pace.

The program includes cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and kickboxing drills, promoting overall physical fitness while teaching practical self-defense skills.

Our program recognizes the unique challenges faced by women in high-risk professions, especially nurses, teachers, and realtors. The curriculum is specifically tailored to address scenarios relevant to these careers, providing practical and effective self-defense strategies that can be applied in real-life situations encountered in the workplace.

Participants learn a range of practical self-defense techniques tailored for real-world scenarios, empowering women with the skills and confidence to protect themselves effectively.

Beyond physical skills, the program emphasizes mental empowerment, building confidence and self-assurance as women learn to navigate and respond effectively to challenging situations.

The focus of the program is on practical self-defense and fitness. While there may be opportunities for controlled drills, the emphasis is not on competition but on creating a supportive and empowering learning environment for women.

Our Self-Defense Instructors
Todd Brown

Owner/Head Instructor
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
Muay Thai Kru
Former UFC Competitor

Ricky Miller

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
Muay Thai Assistant Kru
Pro Fighter

Matt Lindzy

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Pedro Silva

Muay Thai Assistant Kru
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt


Muay Thai Assistant Kru